Educators run the extra mile

March 5, 2018 Haneefat Amin 0

On Sunday, October 8 2017, Lincoln Park High School’s principal, Mr. Boraz, and one of our counselors, Mr. Merle, ran in the Chicago Marathon. This is held yearly in Chicago, and alongside the Boston, New […]


Evaluating Greatness in Basketball

June 1, 2017 Luke Myers 0

When you ask who the greatest basketball player of all time is, the vast majority of people will answer Michael Jordan. It’s the easy answer, and for now, it’s probably the right one. However, you […]


TBT: Volleyball

March 16, 2017 London Anderson 0

The volleyball season is now long over,  but some of you may want to start thinking about next year! With a rigorous practice schedule, players dedicate a lot of their fall months to this sport. […]


TBT: Football Season

March 9, 2017 Sandra Zambrano 0

Before we get swept away with the excitement of next year’s football season, now is a good time to pause and reminisce about our amazing 2016 season with our 8-2 record. Here are some photos to […]