Educators run the extra mile

On Sunday, October 8 2017, Lincoln Park High School’s principal, Mr. Boraz, and one of our counselors, Mr. Merle, ran in the Chicago Marathon. This is held yearly in Chicago, and alongside the Boston, New York, London, Berlin, and Tokyo marathons, and is one of the six World Marathon Majors. The Chicago Marathon is sponsored by the Bank of America, and normally takes place on the first or second Sunday in October, before Columbus Day. Learn about their experience in the interview that follows:


Me: “What is your most memorable race?”

Mr. Boraz: “Definitely the Chicago Marathon. I’ve raced before, but that was the first marathon. It was a big thing for me.”

Mr. Merle: “My first marathon, because it was the first, and I wasn’t very sure if I was going to be able to do it. I had a lot of friends and family supporting, and cheering me on.”


Me: “Have you ever been injured in any of your races?”

Mr. Boraz: “Not in a race, but during some runnings… It’’s been bothering me for a while, but I gotta keep running.”

Mr. Merle: “I was doing a race called the  ‘Urbanathlon’, and we were running on the Lakefront Trail.  It was very crowded, and there was a pothole in the middle of the trail. I rolled my ankle. It swelled up a little bit, and it hurt a lot. Medics got a cart and put me on it. I put ice on my ankle, and I called the cart “THE CART OF SHAME”. Everyone was looking at me.  After taking some time off, I was able to get back into running, but now I’m conscious of the road I run on. So now I look down while running, just to make sure I don’t get injured.”


Me: “What is your motivation?”

Mr. Boraz: “ A couple different things, I guess. Health is one. Once you get started, you start telling yourself  “I wanna see how much better I can race, or how better I can maintain consistency,” and doing a good job.”

Mr. Merle: “I’’m trying to improve my times for my races… To be healthy. I like to eat, so running enables me to enjoy the food I eat. I like to think while I run, and it helps me ‘calm’ time away from the craziness as I listen to music while I run.”


Me: “What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at a race?”

Mr. Boraz: “The marathon; 26.2 miles.”

Mr. Merle: “The Chicago Marathon; 26.2 miles.”


Me: “What’s the best part of running?”

Mr. Boraz: “I think the best part of it is the feeling of accomplishment you have every time you do it. Whether it’s a big race, or an easy workout. When you do it, you feel like, “Yeah, I got some work done.”

Mr. Merle: “The feeling of accomplishment when you finish. I put the time during the whole of the summer, training for the Chicago Marathon. I felt unique, knowing I was one of the people who ran in the marathon.”

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