Top 5 cheap places to eat near Lincoln Park HS

When you’re in Lincoln Park every day you learn a few tips and tricks, especially on what to get food wise. When you want to eat but don’t want to break the bank, the pricey Lincoln Park area isn’t what comes to mind. But there are some hidden gems within the area that are cheap and delicious!

Thai Bowl

One place to grab a quick fix of sugar and overall goodness is Thai Bowl. It’s an amazing place to get bubble tea. Thai Bowl is in the Lincoln Park area. The bubble tea is fairly cheap, starting at $2.50 It’s cheap and delicious — what more can a high schooler want?

Annette’s Italian Ice

When you’re craving some sweets an awesome place to go is Annette’s Italian Ice right off of Armitage. With many cold treats ranging in price from $5- $10, you can get ice cream or pick from a wide selection of Italian Ice. They even have ice cream for dogs!

Big Bob’s & Fritzy’s

The crispy fries and delicious blended milkshakes at Big Bob’s might not perfectly fill the hotdog-shaped hole in our hearts from the loss of our dearly beloved Brother’s Beef, but its low prices and convenient location can’t be beat. Located just across the street from Lincoln Park High School, Big Bob has fries starting at $3 and whole meal combos starting at $7 and up, which makes it a cool, and cheap place for a group of friends wanting to hangout and have fun while still being on a budget.


Allende Restaurant

When you want to venture out a bit, there is an amazing Mexican restaurant on Lincoln called Allende Restaurant. This place that serves up delicious and mouth-watering tacos starting at $2.50, along with many other Mexican dishes.


Blue Door Farm Stand

Last but not least, when you want to treat yourself and be a little “bougie” one place to go for sure is Blue Door Farm Stand. Blue Door is located right across the school. They have an amazing selection of salads, mouth-watering sandwiches, soups and much more starting at $4 and up. These low starting prices as well as its closeness to the school make Blue Door Farm stand an amazing place to eat.

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