Not Chicago Tourists

What are the most popular places when you don’t want to be a tourist in Chicago?

There are many communities in Chicago to explore when you are a tourist but which one is perfect for you? when you don’t want to be segregated from locals?
Here are some tips to help you tour Chicago without being a notable tourist! Travel the World in only one city.

Going to Chinatown Guide and Tips

Chinatown Chicago is one of the most popular places to visit in Chicago when you are a tourist but locals immediately notices the tourists. Here are some tips to help you not be a tourist in Chinatown


Visiting Chinatown is totally exciting, but before you go to Chinatown it is nice to not look like a tourist. It is good to do some research before you go to Chinatown. Importantly, don’t go into the gift shops and buy the Chinese hats and umbrellas, that will make you totally look like a tourist. Also, when at restaurants don’t pretend to know Chinese if you don’t actually know Chinese. If you do beware of Americanized meals for your dinner and always don’t forget to tip after you finish eating at least 18% from your actual bill.


  • Don’t buy the stereotypical things you see on television or drama such as Chinese man hats and sun umbrellas
  • Don’t speak Chinese unless you actually know it
  • Tip at least 18% when you go to a restaurant
  • Have a friend familiar to the place go with you as a guide

Going to Pilsen Guide and Tips

Pilsen is a diverse neighbor full of many Latino cuisines and historic sights! Here’s what to do, so you don’t embarrass yourself as a confused tourist.


Pilsen is a strong community filled of so many different immigrants that contribute to Chicago. Before you visit it is strongly suggested that you don’t go in any offensive clothes. Pilsen is an original immigrant establishment. It is important that you don’t show up with sombreros or Mexican styled clothes. Up to this day Pilsen has gotten more diverse and is not all Latino. Not all immigrants are Latino.  When taking a trip here, please respect your surroundings . Pilsen is a very up bright community full of fun parks with playful children. The National Mexican Museum of Arts is a small historical museum, it tells the stories of many Mexican Revolutionists in the form of art. It’s very convenient and doesn’t charge per entry, but it’s polite to give donations.

Harrison Park is a popular park in Pilsen. They host the famous “Grito de Viva Mexico” every year. The “Grito de Viva Mexico” is annual chant the community does to celebrate and shed light on Mexican Independence day. It’s also a great place to stop for some delicious Mexican treats, sold at cheap prices. After you buy don’t forget to enjoy the park, because although those snacks are delicious they are unhealthy!  Small shops in Pilsen are cheap and share cultural values. On your trip make sure to stop by one. They are full of  religious saints that the Aztecs once believe, and even contain small children toys. These items can make you a good souvenir!  Don’t forget to shop for something meaningful and historic, and not something pointless of use! Visiting Pilsen in the summer or winter? Then stop by one of these local ice cream or nice warm cafe shops! Try some cool spicy mango or even a churro. Just don’t forget to order something satisfying and different than what you usually get! Try new treats you haven’t ate before!


  • Tip the Museum what ever pocket money you have
  • Don’t buy anything at the museum gift shop, things tend to be overpriced
  • Eat in doors, to prevent a mess
  • Respect students
  • Pay Parking to prevent city tickets
  • Keep up with traffic and surroundings
  • Don’t buy illegal movies or puppies of street vendors
  • Take pictures of murals  

Going to Greek-town Guide and Tips

Want to eat something luxurious with history? Come to Greek-town, with real Greek food, not the stereotypical breakfast restaurants owned by Greek men.


Greek-town, a village of mythical history, diverse parks, and home to the best Greek Restaurants. Greek-town is an establishment built by Greek immigrants in Chicago, known for its churches and big Restaurants. Ever learned about the powerful Greek Gods? Come to learn more about theories behind them. Wanna get a head start? Research some common traditions or plates, so you won’t get carried away ordering confusingly at the restaurants. Here are some quick tips on how to be a true traveler in Greek-town..


  • Walk with caution, there’s traffic in the day
  • Don’t pay valet parking
  • Speak loud when ordering at restaurants
  • Don’t block street when taking pictures
  • Tip your waiter at least 18%
  • Go eat at Greek fast food places if you don’t have enough money
  • Check museum prices and hours ahead of time
  • Ask a waiter about what they recommend
  • Close gates when entering the park
  • Don’t go eat Chinese food at GreekTown

Going to the Airport Guide and Tips

Don’t want to go too far from the airport? O’Hare is a international airport and right next to it, there are many places to visit Nearing O’Hare airport, there are many fabulous things things to do from shopping to entertainment!


Have a little time on your hands while in Rosemont? Whether you are getting right off your plan or heading back to the airport, more specifically O’Hare, there are many things to do to pass time. There are many attractions in Rosemont from shopping to entertainment. Visiting in the winter? Visit Frozemont for some ice skating fun! Want to do some shopping before going back? Fashion outlets of Chicago is your destination and even more conveniently, it right next to the airport! Itching for some game fun? River Casino is just a couple blocks away from the O’Hare. Want to visit some Broadway musicals? Rosemont theatre got you covered! Need some family entertainment fun? Allstate Arena is also just a couple blocks away from the airport. Need a quick snack before heading back? Grab some dinner at Gibson for perfect dinner before you head out rather than just plain old fast food.


  • Find a place to stay is tough when visiting a foreign land. Best recommendation is stay at a hotel that has free breakfast discounted breakfasts and perhaps free shuttle transportation to and from the airport
  • The best option is always the free option. If you only have a couple hours to spare, try visiting a free attraction like Fashion Outlets instead of only watching half a musical.
  • Don’t be shy, ask the hotel if they have free breakfast or free transportation to attractions
  • Watch the time, don’t have so much fun you forget your flight time
  • Don’t miss your flight! Always be there at least 2 hours before your flight departures

 Going to Little Italy Guide and Tips

Chicago’s summer spot for treats! Educational and Beautiful! Learn about Italian history!


Little Italy is the famous Italian enclave started in 1850’s as the massive immigration movement came to Chicago. It’s a very educational village next to UIC, the city University of Chicago full of many diverse students from around of the state. Visit the campus and look around! Little is full of many historic features like Christopher Columbus statues, museums, and churches built to new incoming immigrants. Learning can be fun, but eating is better! Eat at a famous exquisite Italian cuisine like Tuscany. Order a famous dish like, Lasagna or common dish, like Italian beef. Don’t forget to map your adventure first!


  • Don’t order dessert in restaurants
  • Save $ for Italian ice
  • Be cautious of skaters and bikers in UIC campus
  • Check out UIC cultural center
  • Make sure to pass by Taylor St.
  • Don’t talk in an Italian accent
  • Cross the street at Light

Going on Public Transportation Guide and Tips

The CTA (Chicago Public Transportation) is how a lot people get around in Chicago. Public transportation might be different everywhere so beware!


As always first, get a map of the CTA if you ride the train. Having a GPS on you cell phone might be helpful but you have to be very cautious of your top. Once you miss the stop, you might be terribly lost so getting a map can help you keep track of where you are and how many stops you are away. If you look at the bus or train, you can find a sign that tells you which stop is next and if that is not available, be sure to listen to the operator on the speaker. The number one thing that many people don’t consider on CTA vehicles is the rules of conduct. In the rules of conduct there are 36 rules of CTA, the rules are often broken but it is nice to know them and know what not to do since public transportation everywhere is different. You can get the pamphlet of the rule of conduct outside the train station or the wall of the bus or if you cannot find it, it is always available online!


  • Don’t make a mess! Try not to eat on the CTA
  • Beware of your surroundings
  • Give up your seat if you see someone more in need
  • Don’t play around on the CTA, be considerate

Going to the Loop Guide and Tips

Many thing around Chicago revolves around the Loop which is the downtown area of Chicago and it is a hot tourist spot but which hot places do the locals go to?


 Many locals don’t like to go to the hot tourist places, instead they go go their local destinations and usually those places are not packed with people. Around the loop there are tons of attractions that range from anyone and everyone. There are many places in the loop to visit but here are a few examples to visit!

Shopping wise, State street shopping is a very popular place for both tourist and locals. Many locals like to browse or just visit state street to browse around finding  anything cheap and on sale. State street shopping is your to go destination if you just want to have a relaxed day and get some shopping done whether it’s by yourself or with your friends!

Too gloomy to go outside? Stay indoors and go to an arcade, library, or a movie! Going to Roosevelt is the best option! It ranges from dining to entertainment to shopping! Roosevelt has it all.


  • Not sure where to go? Go walk around the loop and eventually you can find something very fascinating!
  • Always try something new!

Going to Boystown Guide and Tips

Wanna celebrate Pride Month this June? The most colorful town is here for you! Spread love and not hate!


Haven’t heard of Pride Month come here! The most colorful flags and signs will be awaiting your sight. Different diverse children roam the streets with many proud community members. Boystown is full of people of different sexuality and cultural backgrounds. Take a walk around Halsted to learn about history’s most famous leaders of sexuality differences. Take a trip to Nettelhorst one of Chicago’s best overturning elementary schools. It started as school without any funding, but now became one of the top elementary schools. Come visit their murals and student garden. Don’t forget to stop by some  thrift stores, like Beatnix. Find anything from a stylish tiara to a Yoshi Mario Kart head. Have a safe trip and stay for June 25th! It’s Pride Parade an adventurous parade that brings the community together by representing sexuality differences.


  • Don’t visit schools during hours, 3pm-4pm
  • Don’t yell homophobic slurs that will make others feel uncomfortable
  • Don’t smoke or consume alcoholic beverages on school property
  • Don’t eat American Food
  • Respect bikers and pedestrians
  • Walk to Wrigley Field home of the Chicago CUbs
  • Don’t buy shoes at stores
  • Explore Parks
  • Take the CTA to prevent city parking


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