Spotlight Presenting Asia Anderson

Gia Pendon and Emily Neis

This week we have chosen to highlight Asia Anderson. Asia is an IB sophomore at Lincoln Park High School and keeps herself busy all throughout the school year by participating in sports and excelling in her academics. She is a very well rounded student and is committed to all the activities she participates in. Earlier this year Asia also got the chance to meet President Barack Obama during his last few days of office. In the questions below you can read more about her life and her experience when she met President Obama!

  1. What sports have you been involved with this school year? What is your favorite part of being on the team?
    1. This year I had the opportunity to play for LP’s Varsity and JV basketball team, where i played a shooting guard. Then for spring I ran track; where I ran the 4×200, 100m dash, and the 4×100. The best part of being on an team is getting to form bonds with amazing people.
  2. What is the biggest accomplishment you have achieved this year (academically or a goal you have been trying to achieve for a while)?
    1. This year I achieved the goal of getting on Varsity for basketball as a sophomore.
  3. How did you get the opportunity to meet the President? What’s it like meeting him?
    1. I got the pleasure of being able to meet President Barack Obama after meeting a man name Matt Stiner, the Director of Veteran and Military Affairs at the White House during the Obama Administration. It started because I want to a function with my dad, and while I was mingling alone I was stopped and introduced to him, without knowing he was the Director of Veteran and Military Affairs in the White House. After the conversation I didn’t really think much about it, until my dad and I both received an email from him saying we were invited to the White a house for a Veterans brunch, a meet and greet, and then also invited to watch his speech line at Arlington. In the email, he said how it was a vertebrae brunch and that we were invited because my dad was a veteran but also about how amazing his conversation was with me and how I’m one of the many influential youths that should be able to meet the president. Declaring the invitation was mostly for me, and that’s how I got to meet the president.
    2. He was amazing! He has this aura that no one can live up to. I have had the pleasure from my dad being in the military of listening to president Obama speak multiple times, and every time always amazes me. Then being able to actually meet him….well words can’t describe it. It was he was a myth to me, and until I met him he wasn’t proven real. During the meet and greet (which was fast-he would say hey shake hands, take a photo and leave) he stopped the line for a second to actually talk to me, and brought me into the middle to take the photo. I was and still am star-struck.
  4. What are you plans for the future? (Name 1 short term goal and 2 long term goals)
    1. To get into a good college
    2. This past year I have gotten to volunteer at a women’s shelter and homeless shelter. Charity work is something that really interests me and I hope to make an impact one day.
    3. To be involved with the government
  5. (Additional Question for the article) Describe yourself in 3 words and tell us why.
    1. Humorous 
    2. Kind (I try my best..It’s my goal to be someone that everyone can come up to and feel comfortable with)
    3. Thoughtful 

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