Alicia Keys Album Review: HERE

By Montse Flores and Emily Neis

Alicia Keys’ new album,
HERE, was released November 4, 2016. Her album is a mix of R&B and pop. The album exposes her mind and soul as she deals with hardships and successes in her life.

One of the new songs on her album, “The Gospel”, is one of the most powerful songs. The lyrics “How you gonna kill your mama, when mama’s only gonna love you to the grave” demonstrate the truth behind the unconditional love of a mother.

“The Gospel” isn’t the only song that has gotten a lot of attention, her whole album is written in such a raw, exposed, personal manner which allows the listener to be let into her thoughts. Her music is not only beautiful in its most natural form but it is also relatable. This album is one of her best yet, take a listen to Keys’s new album you won’t regret it!

Along with her new album release she has started a makeup empowerment movement. Keys is not wearing makeup because of the pressure put on her, and other women, to be “perfect”. Even on her album cover she is makeup free. Keys wrote an essay about her no makeup movement stating her opinions and reasons for it, stating she feels that her work has been affected by her insecurities and she would rather embrace her true self. Many Hollywood stars are pressured to appear perfect to the public and Keys believes it is not right. At the beginning of her career she withstood these standards but has decided she no longer wants to be held captive by someone else’s view of her. She has encouraged many women including teens to embrace their true self and not stick to other people’s standards of who they should be.

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